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Keeping your House Clean by Keeping Unwanted œVisitors Out

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Germs, dust, and grime are like unwanted house guests.   If you don’t try hard enough to keep them out, they’ll always find a way to sneak in.   Unfortunately, if you let them get too far, they can become quite comfortable wherever they nestle, making it more difficult for you to get them out [...]

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I’m So Glad You’re Cleaning my House!

Posted on 02/10/11 in TESTIMONIALS, No Comments

“Great White Team – Thank you for the wonderful job you do for us. You make our home look immaculate and I’m so glad you’re cleaning my house! I really appreciate you making my beds too…that was an unexpected touch and made me very happy .” -Trudi, Wallingford, CT

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Beyond Satisfied for a Year Now

Posted on 02/08/11 in TESTIMONIALS, No Comments

“Michele and the staff from Great White are the friendliest, most honest team of cleaners you could ever trust in your home.  They are thorough and will always treat you as a person not “just another job”.  Their prices can’t be beat and neither can their services.  We have been beyond satisfied for a year [...]

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Elementary Steps for Finding the Best Home Cleaning Service

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Back in elementary school while learning to write, everyone was undoubtedly told a very similar structure to use. Over and over again teachers would stress the importance of details. If you did not have enough details, your paper would be unsuccessful and would result in an unsatisfactory grade. Typically, a teacher would tell you to [...]

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