Archive: May, 2011

When to Hire a Cleaning Company

Posted on 05/23/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

Many people struggle with the decision to hire a cleaning company, thinking that it is a task they can do themselves.   While there are some people who are able to fit regular cleaning into their schedules, the truth of the matter is that everyone doesn’t have this extra time. Knowing when to Make the [...]

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Take the frustration out of Cleaning the Coffee Pot

Posted on 05/09/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

It’s Monday morning and you’re ready for your daily does of caffeine.   As you reach for the coffee pot, you see that the buildup has become too much to ignore.   Instead of allowing this chore to ruin your morning, use a few simple steps to have the glass sparkling in no time. Fill [...]

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