Archive: December, 2011

How Cleaning Your Bathroom Can Be Fun!

Posted on 12/23/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

Let’s be honest, cleaning the bathroom is anything but enjoyable.  But because of the purposes for which it is used, it is the most important room in your home to upkeep.  With that said, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make cleaning your bathroom fast, easy, and fun.  Keep in [...]

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How to clean your window treatments

Posted on 12/09/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, 1 Comment

With so many different types of window treatments out there, knowing how each type should be cleaned is difficult to remember.  But it is of great importance to have this knowledge so you can avoid damaging them and being faced with purchasing new ones. To help you avoid ruining your window treatments, here are some [...]

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