Tips & Tricks on Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are popular because of their beauty, elegance and sophistication. Cleaning and maintaining hardwood comes with its own set of challenges and guidelines. This type of flooring can dull, scratch, crack, warp or splinter. For professional assistance, check with local residential cleaning services in Connecticut. With proper care and cleaning, hardwood floors will stay [...]

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How a Good Cleaning Can Help Revive Your Living Space (Or Workspace)

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A good cleaning can have a surprising effect on the home or office environment. Employees working in offices that have been recently cleaned by a commercial cleaning company are happier and more productive. Similarly, the benefits of a good cleaning can also be felt in the home environment. When your home is not just clean [...]

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How House Cleaning Lends a Hand Against Sickness

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Today, more and more people are finding it difficult to clean and maintain their homes and business premises. The main reason for this is lack of time to spend on cleaning duties because of busy schedules and office work. Therefore, hiring cleaning services comes in handy as a viable option for cleaning and maintaining a [...]

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How Cleanliness Affects Your Business

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A clean environment is important for any residence, however, cleanliness at your business carries much more significance in that it can have an affect on your bottom line. Cleanliness can impact business results as it creates a first impression for both visitors and employees. Businesses should encourage employees to keep office spaces clean and tidy [...]

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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

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Hiring a commercial cleaning company sounds like a simple task, however, in every city, there are always some rogue companies in operation. Therefore, before you hire a residential or commercial cleaning company, you should always begin by asking the following questions and considering the responses given carefully. 1. How long has your company been in [...]

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How to Customize Your Home Cleaning Routine

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Home cleaning routines are a great way to keep your home tidy and livable. Busy work and school schedules can interfere, but with a few essential cleaning tips you will be able to maintain a clean home. Setting a cleaning mood, creating standards, scheduling chores and enlisting your family’s help can create a routine to [...]

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Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning

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Cleaning services for the residential and commercial sectors vary when it comes to expectations and scope of services offered. Due to the size and number of people, commercial cleaning is a necessity for most businesses. Residential cleaning is more subjective and is optional for homeowners. Commercial Cleaning This type of cleaning is business to business. [...]

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The Importance of Office Cleaning

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The appearance of your office and working environment is viewed in the first moments by your customers, clients, prospective employees and suppliers. The cleanliness, openness and layout of your office can decide their response that will either build trust or cancel a contract. Clean office spaces provide organized, safe and enjoyable work experiences for staff. [...]

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How Cleaning Your Bathroom Can Be Fun!

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Let’s be honest, cleaning the bathroom is anything but enjoyable.  But because of the purposes for which it is used, it is the most important room in your home to upkeep.  With that said, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make cleaning your bathroom fast, easy, and fun.  Keep in [...]

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How to clean your window treatments

Posted on 12/09/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, 1 Comment

With so many different types of window treatments out there, knowing how each type should be cleaned is difficult to remember.  But it is of great importance to have this knowledge so you can avoid damaging them and being faced with purchasing new ones. To help you avoid ruining your window treatments, here are some [...]

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