10-Minute House Cleaning Tasks!

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Cleaning can be very time consuming.  Aside from that, most people just don’t want to do it.  However, there are many quick and easy cleaning tasks that can (and should) be done to keep your home well maintained.  These tasks may still not be enjoyable, but they are necessary for the upkeep of your home. [...]

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Get your home party ready!

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So you’re having a party and the house is a mess. Don’t freak out. There are a few steps you can take to prepare both yourself and your home for the bash. Just keep in mind that there are different types of parties, so some of these tips may not apply. In no particular order, [...]

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How to make Cleaning Fun for Kids

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Let’s face it, kids don’t like to clean.   From day to day, you’re used to telling them to do the same chores, pick up their toys, and even doing the work yourself.   Fortunately, there are ways to actually make cleaning fun for children.   With a few simple changes and increased enthusiasm, your [...]

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Checklist for Fall Cleaning

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Forget about Spring-cleaning, fall cleaning is the new trend! With benefits including less stress and less of a mess when the holiday season comes around, fall is the perfect time to prepare your house for guests and get-togethers. When analyzing the cleaning that needs to be done in your home, there are a few important [...]

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Tips for Cleaning your Grill

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After a long summer of grilling and barbecuing, your grill ends up in bad shape.     It’s important not to put off cleaning the grill, as it can lead to hard to remove buildup and bacteria growth (unsanitary conditions).   Because you’ll surely want to keep your grill in prime condition and cooking sanitary [...]

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Creating a House Cleaning Schedule

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In order to keep your house clean, sanitized and safe, regular cleaning is essential.   However, depending on the size of the house and exactly how much needs to be cleaned, the job can be quite burdensome if it falls on one person.   Therefore, creating a house cleaning schedule to divide up the necessary [...]

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Dust Mites: Your Un-invited House Guest

Posted on 08/24/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, 1 Comment

You might not realize it, but a sneaky creature has probably already settled in your house.   Secretly, this unwanted visitor is multiplying and leaving up to 50 eggs over the course of just a few weeks, forming colonies in your household possessions.   This devious villain is what we call: the dust mite. Where [...]

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How to Clean Painted Surfaces with Homemade Solutions

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Are there marks on your walls and ceilings that you can’t seem to get off with a simple soap and water? Before you start to scrub, be sure to take a dust cloth or a soft brush and begin to lightly dust the entire surface.   Over the years, people don’t realize how much dust, [...]

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The Importance of Professional Office Cleaning

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In this day and age where people are trying to cut costs in any way possible, it can be tempting to cut a lot of things out of your budget.   While some things can probably go without a problem, office cleaning should not be one of them.   While it may seem like a [...]

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Cleaning your House before a Move

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Have you ever bought a used item?   Perhaps you bought a used car, computer, or DVD once the original owner no longer has a use for them.   When buying used items from someone, you expect that the owner would sell it in the best condition they can provide, not only to make the [...]

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