A Clean Start in a New House

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When moving into a new house or apartment, you’re sure to be overwhelmed with things to do.   Between packing, arranging moving trucks and everything in between, cleaning the house before you move-in might not have crossed your mind.   However, the time before you move in is the ideal opportunity for the deep cleaning your house needs.

Don’t Miss your Opportunity

When thinking about a specific room in a house, picture all of the places of that single room that don’t get cleaned regularly because it is simply inconvenient.   For instance, places such as under a couch, behind the fridge, and around the plants, might be what come to mind.   These spots are easy to overlook and ignore because of the hassle that comes along with the cleaning, but imagine if the furniture and obstacles weren’t there.   This is why deep cleaning a house before moving in is ideal.   Most likely, this is the last time the house will be so empty, allowing for easy access of all areas and a truly intense cleanse.

What is Important to Clean

Because you are taking advantage of the fact that the house is empty, you’ll want to cover all areas.      Here is a general breakdown of what should be cleaned and in a suggested order:

  • Walls – Without bulky furniture blocking the walls, you can effortlessly access them for cleaning.   Start by dusting the walls to remove any surface accumulation.   Next, use a safe cleaning product on the walls to remove leftover dust and marks, rinsing with clean water afterwards to remove excess cleaning solution.
  • Cabinets – Once your dishes, towels, and other assorted items are moved into your cabinets, the chances of cleaning them on a regular basis diminishes.   Enjoy the ability you have to remove any dust, grime, or marks that may be there upon your move.
  • Countertops – From various appliances to household décor, countertops manage to get cluttered quite easily.   Cleaning them before the clutter piles up allows you to get every inch of the surface in very little time.   You will want to use different products based on the type of area you’re cleaning, so check the labels of your cleaning products to match up to the correct surfaces.
  • Floors – The floors should be your last task after tackling the other areas in your house.   Your first step should involve removing any dust or debris with a broom or vacuum.   From there, slightly dilute a floor-safe cleaning product with water and use a mop or similar cleaning product to use over all washable floors.   This process should remove any leftover accumulation and any unwanted marks.

Cleaning your house before moving in will not only create a safer environment due to the removal of dust, germs and grime, but it will create a fresh start for your new place.

If you have any questions about cleaning before moving or would like help with completing the task, don’t hesitate to call us at GREAT WHITE CLEAN.   We are happy to help you with the process so you can have your house in the proper condition for move-in day.

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