How to make Cleaning Fun for Kids

Posted on 10/24/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

Let’s face it, kids don’t like to clean.   From day to day, you’re used to telling them to do the same chores, pick up their toys, and even doing the work yourself.   Fortunately, there are ways to actually make cleaning fun for children.   With a few simple changes and increased enthusiasm, your kids will on the right cleaning track in no time.

Stars for Cleaning

Kids enjoy being rewarded when they do something right.   It is unrealistic to buy them a prize for all of their good cleaning deeds, but an exciting path to a prize might get them intrigued.   Create a cleaning chart which includes all the children in your home which you will award stars next to their name when they complete certain tasks.   Some examples of these tasks and reward guidelines could be as follows:

  • Making their bed – After your child gets out of bed in the morning, allow about 15 minutes and then go back into the room for a œbed check.   If their bed is made, they will receive a star.
  • Treasure Hunt – Tell your children they are going on a treasure hunt to pick up all the toys that are left out.   Place a bin down where they can leave their œtreasure.   When they say they are done, do a œtreasure check to see if they missed anything.   If not, they get a star.
  • Dusting Surfaces:   Choose surfaces that your children can reach which they are assigned to dust and/or wipe.   When they are done, do a œsurface check with a clean towel to see if they missed anything.   If not, they get a star.

These are some of the basic cleaning chores throughout the day that might be a good place to start.   The œchecks can be up to your chosen standards, and the star rewards can be given as you would like.   Work with your child to decide upon a reward once they reach a certain amount of stars.   For instance, they could go to the park, watch a movie they want to see, get a special toy they have wanted, etc.   All of the guidelines are changeable depending on your preference and the cleaning needs of your home.

Overall, making cleaning exciting for kids is the main goal.   Not only will it keep your home looking great, but it will instill excellent cleaning habits on your children as they grow older.