Cleaning your House before a Move

Posted on 06/24/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

Have you ever bought a used item?   Perhaps you bought a used car, computer, or DVD once the original owner no longer has a use for them.   When buying used items from someone, you expect that the owner would sell it in the best condition they can provide, not only to make the product more enticing but also out of respect for your purchase.   People who are buying a house expect this same respect, assuming you did your best to assure the house is in great condition.   A simple and easy way to ensure this is to make sure the house is properly cleaned and maintained.

Properly deep cleaning your house before selling it can make it more appealing for buyers and make the eventual new owner of the house very happy.   By focusing on the most important aspects of cleaning, the house can be sparkling in no time.   These specific areas are some of the main things to focus on cleaning:

  • Kitchen: Inside the kitchen you will find a lot of tough areas to tackle.   For starters, the fridge and oven are tedious to clean, but extremely important.   If you’re leaving the fridge behind, you’ll want to do a deep clean by taking out all shelves and removing any build-up that has been left behind.  In addition, cleaning the cabinets and surfaces in the kitchen will create a nice polished look for potential buyers.
  • Walls: You might be used to the marks that your walls have accumulated, but buyers will notice imperfections like that, and removing them will create a fresh look for guests.   Remove old nails and staples that may still be there, and be sure to wipe down the walls to remove old smudges, stains, and marks.   This is an easy fix that will make your home appear much newer and nicer.
  • Floors: Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floors in your house can make a huge difference.   Floors begin to look dull when they don’t have the proper upkeep and can really show some wear and tear.   A thorough cleaning of the floors can drastically improve the appearance and condition for the new owners.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are some of the most important areas to have cleaned when selling a house.   A dirty bathroom can ruin the entire image of the house and turn buyers away.   Do a deep clean to ensure the floors, walls, cabinets, sinks, and mirrors are sparkling when showing potential buyers.

Whether you have sold your house already or are still looking for a buyer, sticking to these basic cleaning rules will dramatically improve the end result, and leave you with a happy buyer.   While the areas of importance may change from house to house, the same general cleaning rules will apply.

If you need help with the cleaning of your house before a move, or simply have some questions, feel free to give us a call at GREAT WHITE CLEANING.   We are happy to assist with the process of preparing your house before selling or moving.