Covering Neglected Areas with Commercial Cleaning in Connecticut

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Part of operating a successful business is keeping the working environment clean. This is especially true if you are in an industry such as food service where a state agency is constantly checking to ensure that you have sanitary conditions. When it comes to commercial cleaning in Connecticut, it can be easy to overlook some places at work. Here is a look at some of those hard-to-remember places.

Cushions and Furniture

Many people know to vacuum and clean surface of cushions and floors. However, people often forget to clean under cushions or furniture in an office or business setting. Food crumbs, small office supplies, lint, dust and dirt can easily build up in these locations. They should be vacuumed and, if appropriate, wiped down with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Light Fixtures and Lamp Shades

Light fixtures and lamp shades often sit above eye-level. Therefore, it is important that commercial cleaners in Connecticut take extra care to remember to clean them. They should be dusted and wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dust, dirt and debris.

Telephone and Computer Surfaces

Chances are, your employees use both the phone and computer on a regular basis. Even if you operate a food-based business, employees might take orders by phone and key in orders into a register or computer. Each night, these surfaces should be wiped down with a disinfectant. Take caution when wiping down items such as a computer keyboard which may have openings to components inside the system. You don’t want to transfer any moisture inside as it might harm the computer.


Whether you’re talking about residential cleaning in Connecticut or commercial cleaning, keeping the windows spotless can seem like a full-time job. After all, many windows are hard to reach in full. Additionally, places like the window tracks might fill with debris. The windows should be cleaned with a soft, paper-towel or cloth and glass cleaner. Window tracks should be vacuumed out to remove dirt, dead bugs, cobwebs and other build-up.

Carpet Stains

Unsightly carpet stains can be an eye-sore in your place of business. Use carpet stain removal products to remove those stains. Usually, the stain removal product is applied, left to set for several minutes and then blotted or gently rubbed with a damp cloth. The process is repeated until the stain is removed. It should be noted that many carpet stain removal products suggest that you test a “covered” or “unseen” area on he carpet to make sure that the stain removal product does not bleach or lighten the carpet itself.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clean underneath cushions and furniture by vacuuming.
  • Dust lampshades and light fixtures.
  • Wipe computer and telephone surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Clean windows and window tracks using glass cleaner and a vacuum, respectively.
  • Clean carpet stains with carpet stain removal products and a damp cloth.

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