How to Customize Your Home Cleaning Routine

Posted on 02/22/12 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

Home cleaning routines are a great way to keep your home tidy and livable. Busy work and school schedules can interfere, but with a few essential cleaning tips you will be able to maintain a clean home. Setting a cleaning mood, creating standards, scheduling chores and enlisting your family’s help can create a routine to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Residential cleaning procedures need to be understood by everyone in the home. Clean homes help eliminate the number of germs that infect your family with diseases that result from MRSA, mold in the bathroom and allergies in the dust in air ducts, e.coli on kitchen counters and other parts of your home (EPA, 2011).

Get In a Cleaning Mood

Turn on the radio, TV or favorite web show to add a little background music to your cleaning. Music helps set a mood for excitement, relaxing cleaning experience and keep you interested in what you’re doing. If you’re not a music person, find a way to get ready and in the mood for cleaning.

Set “Clean” Standards

Your home has a certain level of cleanliness that works for you. Consider the size of your household, the amount of time it takes to clean the home, and the current level of cleanliness you have now. A clean standard means focusing on sanitation by dusting furniture. Use Clorox in the kitchen and bathroom, child bedrooms and play areas to kill bacteria to prevent illness.

Schedule Chores for Each Member of Your Family

Family members should have a scheduled chore, with dates and times for completion. Your home cleaning routine can become an easy, flowing activity everyone can enjoy. Depending on the size of your family, weekends and certain week days can become “cleaning bonanzas” to help everyone do their part (Real Simple, 2012)..

Check Behind Your Children

Your children can help with cleaning their own rooms, small areas of the home and in your presence. Make sure you check behind family members to help them get the home in shape just as the other rooms. Use a teamwork effort to create a fun, engaging activity for your family and yourself to get the job done.

A cleaning routine is basic, easy to do and fun if you have the right combination of family, music and a “flow” for getting work done. For simple tracking of your cleaning activities, create a calendar with dates of completion or a chart for your family to keep up with responsibilities. Make the cleaning process fun, customized to your needs and expectations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clean your home in different ways to find the most comfortable for you.
  • Delegate cleaning responsibilities to family members and/or roommates.
  • Check behind children to make sure their areas are complete.
  • Try to keep a schedule of activities so everyone participates.