Differences Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Posted on 02/15/12 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

Cleaning services for the residential and commercial sectors vary when it comes to expectations and scope of services offered. Due to the size and number of people, commercial cleaning is a necessity for most businesses. Residential cleaning is more subjective and is optional for homeowners.

Commercial Cleaning

This type of cleaning is business to business. The cleaning company visits the client’s place of business and provides a thorough and business-like cleaning service. The company has a list of tasks to carry out, which may include vacuuming, disinfecting, and garbage removal. The instructions on how to clean are straightforward and does not change. Circumstances differ for each business, but commercial cleaning tends to take less time than does residential cleaning. The cleaning of businesses is usually done in the evenings and on the weekends, when everyone has gone home. While this enables the cleaners to do a quick and thorough job, it raises security concerns for many businesses. The business receiving the service is typically billed monthly.

Residential Cleaning

Companies that offer residential cleaning come to a customer’s home, making this a business to consumer transaction. The cleaning tasks are often more subjective and personal. This can include cleaning and dusting collectibles, showers, and kitchen appliances. Cleaning a customer’s home often involves special requests and a more personalized experience. The homeowner may suggest cleaning tips to the worker. Because the company tailors the service to the customer, it may take longer than commercial cleaning. Residential cleaning can also have security implications. The cleaner moves through the home, unsupervised at times, among personal belongings. Residential cleaning typically takes place during the day, and the customer can choose be home during this time. Customers usually pay on the same day of service.

Key Takeaways

  • Commercial cleaning is business-to-business; residential cleaning is business-to-consumer.
  • Commercial cleaning is straightforward, while residential is more personalized.
  • Residential cleaning takes longer than commercial cleaning.
  • Residential cleaning takes place during the day.
  • Commercial cleaning is typically done after hours, when no one is in the building.
  • Residential cleaning customers can choose whether they are present during the service.
  • Services for commercial cleaning are typically billed monthly, while residential customers pay the same day.
  • Residential cleaning is an option for homeowners, while commercial cleaning is a necessity for businesses.
  • Both cleaning sectors have security implications.