How to Disinfect Your Garbage Can

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clean your garbage can How to Disinfect Your Garbage Can

Your garbage can is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms that can cause disease and other problems if you do not disinfect it. Over time, garbage will escape the lining that you use for your garbage can and residue will continue to cling to the inner surfaces even if you are careful about cleaning up. You can hire CT professional cleaners to clean and disinfect your garbage can for you, but you can also do it fairly easily on your own at home.

Disinfect Your Garbage Can

Here are the steps you need to take to disinfect your garbage can if you are not interested in hiring a company that specializes in residential cleaning in CT:

* First, purchase any missing supplies that you’ll need to clean and disinfect your garbage can. You’ll need protective equipment such as a face mask and rubber gloves, plus a disinfectant like bleach or ammonia, and a scrubbing brush.

* Begin by emptying and then rinsing out your garbage can. You can use either a hose or a tap if you can fit your garbage can inside the sink.

* Use hot, but not scalding, water to fill your garbage can to somewhere between one third to one half of its total height. Pour either bleach or ammonia into your garbage can (do not combine the two). If you want the results to look as though you’ve hired commercial cleaning in CT, you’ll need the solution to sit in your garbage can for at least 30 minutes to get at the particularly stubborn bits of residue.

* Use a brush to scrub the inner surfaces of your garbage can. You need to clean each and every bit of your garbage can using the disinfecting solution until there is no remaining residue. Don’t forget the hard to reach locations.

* Pour out the disinfecting solution and then rinse out your garbage can. Use a cloth or towel to wipe your garbage can dry to prevent mold and fungi growth. Once you’ve finishing cleaning, let your garbage can sit out in the sun to make sure that it dries.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need a disinfectant like bleach or ammonia to disinfect your garbage can.
  • Mix the disinfectant with hot water before using the mixture to scrub your garbage can clean.
  • Remember to fully rinse and dry your garbage can afterwards.

Need Help?

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