Elementary Steps for Finding the Best Home Cleaning Service

Posted on 02/07/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

Back in elementary school while learning to write, everyone was undoubtedly told a very similar structure to use. Over and over again teachers would stress the importance of details. If you did not have enough details, your paper would be unsuccessful and would result in an unsatisfactory grade. Typically, a teacher would tell you to start by looking at the 6 popular questions; who, what, where, why, when, and how. Interestingly enough, by teaching you these very important writing tools, your teachers may have prepared you for other important decisions in your adult life.

While becoming older and busier as life goes on, you tend to run out of time for something as important as cleaning, hopefully leading you to hire a cleaning service. Not only does this easily conquer a very important chore, but it gives you time and energy to devote to other important or enjoyable tasks. However, the problem occurs when you need to decide who to hire. Fortunately, by using some of the guidance from your old school teachers, you may be led to the right decision a lot easier. For instance, details are extremely important when choosing a cleaning service. If you don’t find out some vital details about a potential company, you could be left with a very disappointing outcome. To find out the answers to all of your questions and get the necessary details, let’s use the 6 important questions (slightly out of order) from our old classrooms:

  • Where? It is important to know where the people are coming from who are cleaning your house. Are they from the company you have contacted, or does that company call outsourced individuals? Will the work be done as a group or will you have an individual person taking care of the job? These questions will help you to become more comfortable with the process and have a greater insight into who exactly will be coming into your home.
  • Who? Once you have determined where your cleaning crew is coming from, you want to be sure of who these workers are. Make sure that there has been a proper background check done on these individuals to provide the safety you desire. Additionally, it is vital to make sure that the people cleaning your house are insured in order to avoid problems that may arise if they are injured while cleaning or anything else that could put you in a difficult situation. Asking for a detailed copy of the insurance information should not be a problem, and reading it can prevent problems in the future.
  • Why? When a company explains their method for how their employees function and create their results such as working in teams or using a certain order while cleaning rooms, ask them why they use that method. A good company has an effective approach and good reasons for it, so it can’t hurt to get some insight and be sure they are going by a plan that will benefit you.
  • What? One of the most overlooked and important details when having your house cleaned is explaining exactly what you expect from the company. This could include the rooms you wish to be cleaned, the specific parts of the room, and even the method you would like this procedure to be carried out. Unfortunately, when people don’t communicate effectively with a company they end up getting frustrated and eventually turning somewhere else. A good company will work with you to ensure you are completely happy.
  • When? When will people have access to your house? A lot of people give a set of keys to their cleaning company, and it is important to know the details of that situation. Find out where your keys will be kept when not being used, and be sure of exactly who will have access to your house and at what times. The right company will have a specific plan for how things are carried out to provide you with the correct safety and peace of mind.
  • How? It is crucial to know how a company will make sure that you are satisfied. Find out what the company’s policy is if you are unsatisfied, and what they will do to fix the problem. A good company will want to be sure you are never left upset with their work, and will have guidelines for how they go about fixing the problem.

Don’t Judge a cleaning Service by its Image

Another important lesson that your teachers probably told you many times was not to judge a book by its cover, and they were right. Don’t get derailed by a company that looks fancy and flashy. A company with sleek and sophisticated business cards and fliers could be excellent, but they could just as easily leave you frustrated and misguided. By sticking to the main questions and filling in all of the details you need, the chances of you becoming disappointed become either very minimal or non-existent.

At GREAT WHITE CLEANING, our customers are our first priority. We realize that choosing someone to work in your house is not easy, and we would love to answer any questions you may have about how our company can take care of the cleaning in your house so that you are fully satisfied and worry-free.