Things Your Employees Can Be Doing to Keep The Office Clean

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Keeping the office clean is imperative to the success of your business. Messy office space looks unappealing when clients come for a visit. A study by the Delphi Group revealed that 30 percent of employees state that they spend time trying to find lost documents. Additionally, communal areas such as the lounge or kitchen can become unsanitary if not cleaned on a regular basis. Between the potential of lost documents and unhealthy employees, it is beneficial to implement some cleaning policies for your employees. Here’s a look at how they can help keep it clean.

Implement the Ticker File Systemgreen cleaned office 2 300x199 Things Your Employees Can Be Doing to Keep The Office Clean

The ticker file system helps organize an office that is overrun with paperwork. Employees use 12 folders to represent each month and 31 more folders to represent each day in that month. Paperwork is stored on the day it is needed. Presenting at a conference on January 8th? The speech is placed either inside the “8″ folder which is placed inside the “January” folder. If something needs a reminder, such as the boss’ birthday, place a note in the file a week prior to the actual day. These folders can also be created on computers as well to minimize paper.

Learn Your ABC’s

For a task driven office, use sticky notes to attach to work that needs to be accomplished. An “A” means it is most pressing, “B” moderately pressing and “C” least pressing. Work through the paperwork in that order. This system is also easy to implement on the computer.

Clean Kitchen Raffle

Because the kitchen is usually common space, many people don’t take the time to clean up after themselves. After all, it’s not “their” space. Place a jar in the kitchen titled the “Clean Kitchen Raffle Jar.” Every time an employee uses the kitchen, ask them to wipe down the appliance or space they used. Provide masking tape and a pen. Employees should place a piece of masking tape on a quarter, write their name on it and deposit it into the jar each time they clean their space. At the end of each week, hold a drawing. The winner gets to keep the quarters. The more people clean after themselves, the better the chance they will win.

Empty Desk Policy

Create a policy that each evening, people must leave the office having no additional papers or items on their desk. Obviously computers, paper organizers and pen holders are fine. The point is that there is no extraneous paper or unnecessary items on the desk. If an employee breaks the code, give them a penalty such as having to buy donuts for the office.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implement a ticker file system.
  • Prioritize work with ABC’s.
  • Consider a clean kitchen raffle jar.
  • Implement an empty desk policy.

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