The Importance of Having an Cleaning Company that’s Insured

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Maintaining a clean environment at home and work undeniably matters a great deal. However, cleaning up is unlikely to feature at the top of most businesspersons’ or homeowners’ priority list. Leaving cleaning to the experts by hiring a cleaning company is the better alternative.

When you entrust a cleaning company with your home or business premises, things may go wrong sometimes. Your valuable equipment may be damaged or stolen; your home may be left unsecured leading to burglary, etc. If the company you hire has no insurance, you may have to pay for the damages or replace the lost items. Even if you have home insurance covering you against such damages, you may still incur loss because of paying a high deductible.

For that reason, residents of Connecticut should make sure that the commercial and residential cleaning services in Connecticut they hire have proof of these types of insurance:

  1. Lost key coverage, which pays to replace lost keys or repair, buy or install new locks.
  2. The nature of cleaning work is such that workers use chemical cleaning supplies. Limited pollution coverage pays for damages that result from chemical accidents and pollution.
  3. Employees of cleaning companies are often exposed to dangers like slips and falls at work. The employer should therefore have employee liability insurance for injured staff.
  4. Theft of property coverage should pay for losses that result from theft because of the negligence of cleaning staff. The workers may leave your premises unlocked, providing thieves with easy access to your property.

Also, make sure that residential and commercial cleaning services in Connecticut are bonded. This means that if it is proven that employees of the cleaning company damaged or stole any of your items, you will be compensated. It is important that you do not take the cleaning companies’ word for it, but ask for proof. A certificate of insurance from the insurance provider should be available as proof. Additionally, professional cleaning companies carry out background checks on all their staff to be sure of their integrity and trustworthiness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hiring a cleaning company that is insured protects you from losses related to theft and damage.
  • Protect yourself by checking that the cleaning company you hire has adequate insurance.
  • Apart from insurance, make sure the cleaning company is bonded and hires staff who have a crime free record.

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