The Importance of Office Cleaning

Posted on 01/31/12 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

The appearance of your office and working environment is viewed in the first moments by your customers, clients, prospective employees and suppliers. The cleanliness, openness and layout of your office can decide their response that will either build trust or cancel a contract. Clean office spaces provide organized, safe and enjoyable work experiences for staff. Not sure if office cleaning matters in your business? Consider the benefits of cleaning up as you review three pillars of business success.

Build Client Trust

Clients want to see an open workspace during meetings. Organization shows commitment to consistency, planning and business practices. If your office looks like a pile of misplaced information, the client may feel you will treat their information the same way.

  • Can you imagine working with a company that lacks organization?
  • How will you trust this company with your personal and financial details?
  • Would you trust your company to handle your information during a business transaction?

You would not trust a company that is unorganized because it creates liability issues from misplaced financial information that cause other repercussions. Clients need a sense of security, reliability and friendliness when they walk into your office.

Better Employee Work Experiences

Employees need to enjoy their work environment and a clean office is required. No one wants to work in a cramped, dusty, dirty or grimy work place because it creates frustration. Frustrated employees will leave your firm and discuss the lack of cleanliness with others. Check employee work areas, personally, send private notes to encourage employees to take care of their work space and hire a commercial cleaning service to manage the entire business.

Create a Safe and Accountable Team

You can also introduce cleaning days for employees to take part in learning how to clean certain areas of the building on a consistent basis. Buy the appropriate cleaning supplies from a residential cleaning service, use safety equipment including gloves, warning signs and other materials to ensure safety while you complete the cleaning process.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Cleanliness is the basis for client impression, trust and confidence.
  2. Employees should learn proper cleaning rules.
  3. Organize files to improve coordination between departments and eliminate problems.
  4. Make your team members accountable for their work places and encourage participation.

If you’re interested in having your office professionally cleaned, feel free to schedule a free estimate.