Increase Productivity With A Clean Office

Posted on 12/13/15 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

clean office 1024x682 Increase Productivity With A Clean OfficeFor most business owners, you concentrate on innovative marketing strategies, unique product promotions, seductive sales for services, outstanding special events, and precise product quality. While all of those concentrations are excellent ways for you to improve your overall net revenue, there is something that underlies all of those facets: a clean office. I cannot tell you how many business owners forget about or don’t research cleaning services for their office; a majority (if not all) of their energy is spent on figuring out ways to increase their productivity. However, there are two specific reasons why your clean office has a significant impact on revenue and sales.

Increased Employee Morale
It’s no surprise that increased employee morale is one of the most significant factors in a company’s success. If you look at Apple, Google, and Disney, they have some of the most satisfied employees in the nation which consequently allows them to be three of the most successful businesses to date. Take a look at how a clean office can impact productivity through morale:

  • Research has shown that companies which have an office cleaning service provider achieve higher production numbers because of an increased staff morale and organization. In other words, not only does the clean office lift their employees’ spirits (per se), but it also encourages them to be more organized within their personal workspace. The increased organization is one of the difference-makers between a productive employee and an employee that doesn’t improve your bottom line revenue.
  • Studies also demonstrate that a clean and organized workplace improves employee retention due in large part to decreased stress. Take a minute to think about how you feel when you come back to your desk and it looks like a bomb just went off; you probably feel stressed, rushed, disorganized. The same holds true with regard to the entire office space. If you have a clean office, your stress level decreases (and so does your staff’s).

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Once again, I’ll use Apple as an example because they have one of the cleanest looking and feeling retail spaces around (in general), and have one of the most successful businesses in today’s society. Think about how you feel when you walk into a clean retail store in comparison to one that has garbage in plain sight, handprints on the windows, and stains on the carpet? Personally, I don’t feel as comfortable with the overall product or business itself. So, here are some things to consider with regard to customer satisfaction:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys show that a clean office allows a stronger sense of trust in the company. With a stronger sense of trust comes an increased ability to sell quality products or services, and (therefore) reinforces overall clientele satisfaction.
  • Other comments and client feedback research also shows that cleanliness of a retail space is something that people talk about when discussing companies with friends and family. In other words, when someone asks their friend for a particular company, they talk about the products, services, customer service, and retail space. So, if you have a clean retail space, you are one step ahead of the game because that is one of the major topics of discussion when it comes to recommendations.

In summary, whether you choose to have a clean office for staff purposes or retail reasons, your company’s productivity will be positively influenced.

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