Residential Cleaning in Connecticut: Carpet Stain Removal

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When it comes to residential cleaning in Connecticut, carpet stains can be quite difficult. There’s nothing worse than the moment you spill something on the carpet. Unlike simply wiping it away, like with a hardwood or tile floor, you’re in for a little more work. Here are some tips on how to clean some of the most common carpet stains so that you can keep your carpet, area rugs and mats looking like new.

Water-Soluble Stains

These are usually the easiest to clean because the ingredients are not heavily laden with materials that leave an indelible mark. Examples include: cola, lightly colored alcoholic beverages, jelly, milk and mud. In a large pitcher, combine 1/4 cup of white vinegar along with 32 oz. of water. Mix the combination. Next, using a paper towel or cloth, simply blot the area. The substance should start to come up onto the cloth. Repeat several times until the stain has completely disappeared.

Trickier Water-Soluble Stains

These stains are still water-soluble, however, their pigments, dyes and other components make them a tougher challenge to remove. Examples include: wine, coffee, tea, chocolate and mustard. Mix 1 tbsp. of ammonia with 1 cup of water. Using a paper towel or soft cloth, continuously blot the stain with the mixture until it is lightened and remove. Note: you should not use ammonia on wool-based carpet. Instead, try a mixture of 1 tbsp. to 1 cup of water.

Fat, Oil and Wax

Ever host a dinner or office party where someone drops a dollop of dip right on the rug? Or how about someone trying to “help” you blow out your candles only to literally blow hot wax over the entire carpet? If this happens, don’t fret. Simply place a paper towel over the stain and press a warm iron over the paper-towel. The heat from the iron will cause the wax or oil to stick to, or be absorbed into, the paper towel.

Nail Polish

Let’s face it, painting your nails is a very precise task that can get a little messy. Even when you’re trying to be careful, nail polish might drip or splatter. If this happens, clean it yourself with a little nail polish remover. Simply dab the end of a paper towel with the remover and blot the stain until it lightens and disappears.


Even pets who are impeccably trained can have accidents in the home or office. Whether you’re talking about residential cleaning in Connecticut or commercial cleaning, the way to clean pet urine carpet stains remains the same. Soak up as much of the urine as possible by lightly pressing clean paper towels into the stain. Next, use a pet carpet stain removal product specifically designed for pets and treat the area by spraying the stain. Allow the carpet treatment to set for several minutes. Finally, blot the stain with a clean paper towel. Repeat the process as needed until the stain is gone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use a mixture of white vinegar and water for water-soluble stains such as clear alcohol or milk.
  • Use a mixture of ammonia or a mild detergent and water for trickier water-soluble stains such as mustard and coffee.
  • Press a warm iron over a paper-towel when removing fat or wax stains.
  • Use nail polish remover and a paper towel to lift nail polish stains.
  • Use a carpet stain remover specifically for pets and a paper towel when removing urine stains.

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