Revive your House with Spring Cleaning

Posted on 03/15/16 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

As the last snowflakes of winter fall and the sun decides to stay around a little longer, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning.   Not only is spring cleaning good for your health and those living in your house, but it is a fresh mental look at the warm and bright future ahead as we enter spring and summer.

Throughout the winter, various unclean habits happen in your house that you may not even be aware of.  As these actions occur, your house continues to become dirty and unhealthy until it is properly cleaned and disinfected.   Here is an example of some of the various trends that may occur in your house during the winter and into springtime that create a desperate need for spring cleaning.

  • Tracking in Salt and Dirt: Unless everyone takes their shoes off before coming into your house all winter, you’re bound to have salt and dirt tracked onto your floors and carpets.   While dirt on the floors is unsanitary and can spread germs and bacteria, salt that is left to be ground into the floor can eventually break down protective layers and ruin it.   Be sure to clean your floors and wash your carpets regularly to protect them and keep your house safe.
  • Keeping the Windows Closed: Most people choose not to open the windows as much in the winter, preventing fresh air from circulating and allowing dust and dirt to sink in where they have fallen in places like bookshelves, furniture, blinds, and the tops of ceiling fans.   Avoiding that dust can create an unhealthy situation when people inhale the dust particles in the air and it can even ruin household items if allowed to sit too long.   It is important to keep a check on dust accumulation and see that your house is dusted and aired out regularly.
  • Keeping People and Pets Inside More: Snowy and cold weather conditions all winter can mean that people and pets are indoors more.   This extra indoor hibernating only increases the spread of germs, bacteria and pet hair around your house.   Because the flu and many other illnesses are common in the winter, you will want to be sure to rid your house of any trace of those health threats.   An intense deep clean after a long winter can help prevent the people in your house from getting sick and keep allergies at bay as well.

Although these are not the only problems that would be aided with spring cleaning, they are certainly some important things to consider.   While these are some of the physical benefits of spring cleaning, the mental benefits are just as important.   A clean house can create a fresh outlook on the new season for you and your family.   Not only can this create a healthier environment but a happier and safer one as well.

If you don’t have the time to do some spring cleaning on your own, we would be happy to help.   Our expert staff at GREAT WHITE CLEANING will gladly provide you with the ideal clean house to take on the new season.