The Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

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Let’s face it, nobody likes to clean the bathroom, but it is something that you must complete on a regular basis. When hiring commercial cleaning services in Connecticut to come and clean your house, it is helpful to have a checklist handy. When they arrive, you can give them the checklist to make sure that they complete all the necessary steps to clean the bathroom, or you can simply ask them about their process and see if it matches the items on your list.

The Bathroom Checklist


Tubs, Showers and Sinks

Make sure that the tubs, showers and sinks are all scrubbed down and cleaned thoroughly.


Don’t just clean the toilets, make sure to disinfect and clean inside and out.

Mirrors, Faucets and Fixtures

Clean and shine all the mirrors, faucets and fixtures. This includes any light switches, light fixtures and towel rods.

Medicine Cabinet

Clean the medicine cabinet thoroughly. Remove all the items, clean and wipe them down before placing them on the countertop. Clean the inside of the cabinet and then replace all the removed items.

Trash Cans and Wastebaskets

Empty, clean and sanitize all the trash cans and wastebaskets. Place new trash bags in the wastebasket when finished cleaning.

Shower Rods, Rings and Curtains

Clean and disinfect the shower rods, rings and curtains. If mold or mildew starts to grow on the curtain, it will need replacement.

Cabinets and Walls

Cabinets and walls become dirty as people spray hair spray, use conditioners and use other personal products. Wipe down all the cabinets and walls to ensure that the bathroom is spotless when finished.

Air Ducts and Vents

Clean the air ducts and vents to ensure that proper ventilation and air filtration occurs. Use a damp cloth to wipe these areas down.


Clean and disinfect the floors last. Make sure to allow plenty of time for the floors to dry before walking on them again.

Hiring a Service

You can complete these tasks on your own or consider hiring a commercial or residential cleaning service in Connecticut to do the work for you. They typically bring their own products and will ensure that all the tasks are completed efficiently and correctly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bathroom cleaning is essential for cleanliness and prevention of illness
  • A checklist should be made to make the process easier

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