Tips for Cleaning your Grill

Posted on 09/24/11 in GREAT WHITE BLOG, No Comments

After a long summer of grilling and barbecuing, your grill ends up in bad shape.     It’s important not to put off cleaning the grill, as it can lead to hard to remove buildup and bacteria growth (unsanitary conditions).   Because you’ll surely want to keep your grill in prime condition and cooking sanitary food, we have a few tips that will help you achieve these goals.

  • Allow cooling time – Let your grill cool off a bit before you try to clean it. The best time to clean it is when it’s still warm yet cool enough to touch.   If it fully cools off, any mess or debris that is left behind will harden, making it more difficult to get off.
  • Grate Cleaning – Clean your grate after every time you grill.   Because it touches raw food, an un-clean grate will produce unsanitary food, possibly causing sickness to those who consume it.   A wire brush tends to work best to scrub off the remaining food and oil.
  • Basic Soap Mix – Simply using soap and water to occasionally clean your grill will help to keep it germ-free and remove stubborn food.   Using a stiff brush will make the process much easier.

While these are some simple steps to keeping your grill clean, your own situation may cause for more drastic cleaning techniques.   You should also take into consideration the type of grill you have to determine the frequency of your deeper cleaning tasks.   Charcoal grill users should clean out the ash and charcoal each time the grill is used.   Gas grill users should be sure to clean any food residue from the burners each time it becomes an issue.

Overall, the more time you put into the care and cleaning of your grill, the longer your grill will last and the safer your food will be.