The Best Tools for Dusting

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dusting tools 300x206 The Best Tools for Dusting

AH-AH-AH-CHOOOOO!!!!! We all do this while cleaning our homes, especially as we dust. And, believe it or not, it can be avoided with the proper dusting tools. There are a variety of options out there, though you do not need to use every single one.

Below are a few examples of allergy friendly cleaning tools, so you won’t have to run to a tissue box every minute to clean out your nose.


Microfiber Cloths

These are perfect for any surface, as they do not scratch or damage them. They have the ability to grab and hold a good amount of dust without releasing it in the air. These cloths are available as disposable and washable.

Extending Lambswool Duster

For those awkward spaces and flat surfaces, use a lambswool duster with an extending handle. The handle will allow you to dust doorframes, ceiling corners, baseboards and furniture.

Ceiling Fan Duster

If you would rather not climb a ladder or stand on a chair, this is the perfect product for you. It allows you to reach the fan without the use of stools or stretching, giving you easy cleaning access.

Compressed Air

Even your electronics need to be cleaned, and a can of compressed air is perfect for the job. Dusting tools do not work on all electronic devices, which makes this product a great addition to your cleaning tool kit.


Key Takeaways

Using these dusting tools will:
• Reduce your risk of allergies
• Wipe up more dust, more easily
• Not scratch or damage your furniture or belongings

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